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shaya-img-about-page.jpgAbout Shaya NYC

Shaya Mehubad is the founder of Shaya NYC Fine Handcrafted Jewelry, a New York jewelry design studio specializing in the creation of handmade collections. His work projects the clean simplicity of geometric shapes that a woman can wear throughout the day and into the evening.

Shaya's jewelry designs complement the women who wear them. Each delicate shape is hand-hammered to perfection and transformed into versatile, stylish accessories.  Shaya signs every piece he makes, and he names most of his designs after the client who inspired them.

Originally from Israel, Shaya has traveled around the world, and now he has his home and design studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

He finds inspiration on the city streets, starting with the famous Manhattan grid plan, which is echoed in his signature squares. He sells his gold and silver handcrafted jewelry in the fine craft and design markets of the city, where he helps his clients select the perfect pieces.

Shaya admires the spirit of the women in New York, which is reflected in the feminine sensibility and style of his designs.

(Photograph by Haim Bargig)